Today's update on Carol

Not coming home yet...

THU 21sep21 

We couldn’t have anticipated how this would play out. The precise cause of the illness has yet to be determined. We now have a long and growing list of things that are not wrong with Carol.

I prefer keeping people updated… I know many who pray (Clark County, Cancun, Mexico, family, friends) and it only seems fair to help them pray with as much knowledge as possible.

Did I mention this was a roller coaster ride…?

Symptoms have not subsided as they should have with the antibiotic treatment. White blood cell count is higher than yesterday. Carol is still coughing, albeit some less…extreme fatigue persists. The third Covid test came back negative today, just as the previous ones had.

Today the Infectious Diseases specialist interviewed both of us. There is a strong possibility based on symptoms and on what they know it isn’t, that this could be what is called Valley Fever. This is fungal in origen so they switched to the appropriate medication this afternoon. It will be a few days before the test results become available. If it comes back positive, we will be a little ahead of the game.

They want to see at least 48 hrs of improvement corroborated with testing before releasing her… so… Carol will not be coming home soon.

Thank you for your prayers…