Drinking in the moment...

From R&R to ER...

Carol and I had reserved 3 nights on the beach this week… nothing like the Oregon Coast for writing and cool, windy weather.

We beat the Spring Breakers and the higher rates… a room with a view, a mile from Haystack Rock. Looking forward to long walks in the sea air… and stout Americanos from our trusty espresso maker.

Monday 4:00 PM… we arrived, unpacked and relaxed into an early supper.

Tuesday 1:40 AM... paramedics and a local police officer joined us. Carol was rushed to the ER in Seaside, OR, 9 miles to the north. She had collapsed—dehydration, vomiting, weakness. Hours later, the surgeon outlined the plan of attack and possible outcomes. The best scenario would be to see the problem resolve itself… the less attractive scenario meant surgery and more days in hospital.

Beautiful view from my cozy corner table, right…? The majesty of God in my face and howling in my ears on a Pacific Northwest beach, with pastel daybreaks and jaw-dropping sunsets. Carol tied to an IV with a tube down her nose into her stomach, her condition—precarious… the outcome—uncertain. Where will I stay after Wednesday night, how do we do the two hour drive home… wired from a night’s sleep lost… too far gone to rest or sort it out.

Long story short… the problem worked itself out. Carol was released from the hospital Thursday morning, an hour after I checked out of our motel. We were home two hours later. Friday was a wash for both of us… but Carol made great gains in getting her strength back. And Greg can spell his name again.


We are amazed at the response when we ask for prayer. God shows up through many precious believers who have shown up also. Their support brightens the day.

That thing I keep forgetting… God plans and does stuff better than I can… kind police, awesome paramedics, proper treatment, attentive care… and home again as previously scheduled.

Drinking in the moment—any moment—is never all horrible nor all glorious. Learning to live with this dichotomy is our challenge. It seems perpetual, but it is resolved in God. Knowing him fortifies us for any crisis… and for any outcome.

Properly drinking in the moment leads to the freedom of living in the moment… because we know…

God’s got this moment, too.

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